Simplify the complexities of business processes and procedures with a customizable interface that insures important tasks are efficiently executed.
Relax - Let BPI System simplify the automation and management of your business processes.
Find detailed information quickly with ad-hoc reporting, metric dashboards,  robust searches and drill down trending
Report-With an executive dashboard, drill down trending, and ad-hoc reporting, gain access to the information you need when you need it.
Proactively address repeat issues, minimize human error and reduce cost overhead
Reduce - Minimize or eliminate repeat issues, human errors, and support costs with BPI System.
Rethink the way you capture business process information and manage performance improvement
ReEngineer - Focus on performance improvement with BPI System by building, modifying, and managing all your business processes in one centralized application.

Process Automation

Automate defined business processes including corrective/preventive actions, eForms, audits, training, document control, non conformances, project and change management, support ticketing, risk assessment, observations,  action tracking, etc.  while supporting established quality standards (e.g. ISO 9001,  21 CFR 11,  OHSA 18001, INPO 05-005)

Performance Improvement

Sometimes it is difficult to find the proverbial needle in the haystack when identifying what is important when dealing with informational overload. There should be a way to not only capture but also extract critical tasks and information from a single portal. ...more about performance and process improvement.


...the innovative edge of BPI System is its flexibility. We were able to integrate the management of many types of issues by creating various electronic work processes that meet the differing management and process needs. We no longer had to settle for the awkward ‘ one size fits all ‘ approach. ... more about managing processes with BPI System.


With a driven focus on improving business process and providing critical information in a timely manner, Qualitech Solutions (QSI) delivers software that is easy to use, and can be rapidly deployed to start solving real world problems. Located in Charlotte, North Carolina, QSI has been been providing software solutions to regulated and non-regulated industries for more than a decade.
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